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  • TV show ASAHI


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  • TV show TBS "world mysterious discovery!"


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    WASHOKU World Challenge 2015 winner


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    Wise ASAHI Magazine advertising


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    2the Japanes challenge

    Second Japanese cooking challenge contest one held on October 10 at Bangna Baitec sponsored by the food stylist. The theme of sushi competition was are one hour with 1 team of 2 members competing. Following the judges beauty and tidy, team Nanohana was chosen as the winner of the second Japanese cooking challenge contest. 2011/10/10

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    1the Japanes challenge

    The first Japanese cooking challenge contest one held on Aug 18-19 at Bangna Baitec sponsored by The Food stylist it was exciting contest with former prime minister Mr.Apisit having also attened. The one competition was are 30 minutes sushi contest, with 8 teams of 2 members competing teams prepared whole salmon into slice two create as many salmon nigiri sushi(Most be 25-30 each) as possible within 30 minutes time. Team nanohana was the 2nd team proceed to the day 2nd final. The 4 teams from the first day of competition competed in the finall,with each team consisting of 3 members. The theme of they to final competition was Bento and Variety of large hors d’oeuvre platter, where the teams needed to complete the dishes, with 60 minutes. Team Nanohana prepared Japanese traditional celebration food, such as grilled snapper and baked sea urchin roe. They also carved carrots and Japanese radish(Daikon) into flower shapes and decorated the plates beautiful. Following the judges food tasty, team Nanohana was chosen as the winner of the first Japanese cooking challenge contest. 2009/8/18~19

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    Osechi ryori morikomi(Special New Year’s Foof)

    We cooked together osechi ryori which ordered omisoka is the last day of the year. (December 31) 2010/12/31

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  • Nanohana Osaka Cuisine

    Welcome Genuine Japanese cuisine Nanohana. We look forward to your coming to see us at the restaurant. Thank you for access our home page.

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